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Kitchens designed to stand the test of time.

Sometimes there are questions that can unwittingly go unanswered when you sit down with a kitchen designer or kitchen sales person; one of the most important is the quality of the carcases / kitchen cabinets.


The industry standard 16mm melamine faced chip board carcass will swell and take on the appearance of "WeetBix" if it gets wet.

Kora kitchens 18mm melamine MDF carcasses are thicker, stronger and more resilient than the industry standard.


Water resistant.

A major problem with industry standard cabinets arises from 

unprotected cut edges. Typically placed at the rear, and out of sight these unprotected surfaces absorb water.

Minor plumbing issues go 

undetected until water logged 

cabinets swell and disintegrate. Taking on what is often referred to as the "WeetBix" look.  

At Kora Kitchens we edge band all cut edges. In doing so we create a water resistant carcass.


Extra protection.

Our mitred 40mm quartz bench tops have a drip line inserted as a secondary line of protection.

Kora Kitchens drip line prevents spilt liquid traveling under the bench top and into the cabinetry.


Metal box drawers.

Metal box soft close drawers close softly and effortlessly regardless of weight and how hard they are pushed shut. 

Lacquer finish.

Our panels are lacquer finished. Unlike traditional 2Pac our panels have three layers of undercoat, and three top coats.


40mm quartz bench tops.

Made up of natural properties, quartz is now well-known as one of the most durable counter top materials on the market. Many say it is the only man made material that compares in durability and strength to natural stone.


Waterfall end.

A design that makes a 90 degree angle at the end of the countertop 

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