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Pick Up and Delivery Terms


General Pick Up and Delivery

  1. Scheduling and Lead Times:

    • Allow ample time for potential delivery delays before installation begins.

    • Lead times provided by Kora Kitchens may change due to workload, staff illness, material availability, etc. Any delays will be communicated promptly.

    • Kora Kitchens strives to meet agreed pick-up or delivery schedules but is not liable for any delays.

  2. Delivery Acceptance:

    • If no one is available to accept delivery on the scheduled date, you will incur transport and re-delivery charges.

    • Inform Kora Kitchens of any delivery challenges (e.g., stairs, narrow entries) during scheduling. Failure to accurately describe delivery conditions may result in additional charges for redelivery or extra assistance.

  3. Access and Additional Costs:

    • Any additional costs for accessing your premises (e.g., crane hire) are your responsibility. If delivery into your premises is not feasible, items will be returned to our warehouse, incurring transport and re-delivery fees.

    • Title and risk, including loss and damage, transfer to you upon delivery or pick-up as per our TERMS OF TRADE below.

  4. Inspection upon Delivery:

    • Inspect your products at delivery. Note any damage on the delivery documentation provided by the carrier.

    • Notify Kora Kitchens in writing within seven (7) calendar days of delivery for any damage or shortages not recorded at delivery.


Warehouse Pick Up

  1. Payment and Collection:

    • Your kitchen cabinetry will be available for pick-up once full payment is received.

    • If arranging your own delivery, responsibility for the goods passes to you upon collection from Kora Kitchens’ premises.

  2. Pick-Up Location and Conditions:

    • Pick-up from our warehouse: 10/783 Kingsford Smith Drive, Eagle Farm 4009.

    • Pick-ups must be within normal opening hours or additional charges may apply.

  3. Damaged Items and Warranty:

    • Factory-damaged items under warranty must be returned to our warehouse for inspection.

    • Kora Kitchens will address defects by repair, replacement, or refund at our discretion. There is no obligation for on-site inspections or repairs.

  4. Customer Responsibility:

    • Customers must load their pick-up orders into their vehicles to prevent disputes about damage during loading.


Installation Terms (When Applicable)

General Installation

  1. Service Specification and Access:

    • Clearly specify the services required from Kora Kitchens and its contractors.

    • Provide suitable access to the premises, including for vehicles and equipment, and ensure utilities (like electricity) are available.

  2. Compliance and Preparedness:

    • Ensure the premises comply with applicable laws, particularly health and safety regulations.

    • Prepare the site for installation by clearing obstructions, debris, and ensuring it is structurally sound.

  3. Pre-Installation Work:

    • Ensure necessary pre-installation work by other trades (e.g., electrician, plumber) is completed.

    • For quartz benchtop installations, ensure cabinets are installed correctly and level.

  4. Permits and Storage:

    • Obtain any required permits, licenses, or approvals at your expense.

    • Provide safe storage for materials and equipment on-site.

  5. Coordination with Other Trades:

    • Ensure other trades comply with laws and cooperate with Kora Kitchens’ employees and contractors.

    • Approve the installation before any claddings or linings are installed that may restrict access.

  6. Carpentry and Sub-Trade Costs:

    • Additional carpentry work is charged at $140 per hour plus GST.

    • A 20% margin applies to all sub-trade invoices managed by Kora Kitchens on your behalf.

  7. Disconnect/Reconnect Base Prices:

    • Plumber: $850 + GST

    • Electrician: $950 + GST

    • Additional work and materials incur extra costs.

  8. Handling and Installation Costs:

    • A 20% margin applies to materials purchased by Kora Kitchens on your behalf.

    • Minor decor, plaster, and tiling damage during installation is expected and not covered unless due to negligence.

  9. Defect Rectification:

    • Kora Kitchens will rectify any defects in materials or workmanship within 7 days of installation notification.

    • We are not liable for post-installation work by others or acts/omissions by the customer or their contractors.


Incomplete Installations

  1. Reasons for Delays:

    • Installations may be delayed due to site-specific requirements or waiting periods (e.g., curing joins).



  1. Toe-Kick and Flooring Installation:

    • Our kitchens are designed for a standard 150 mm toe-kick installed on top of the finished floor.

    • Installing before flooring may require adjustments for toe kick, dishwasher, and fridge heights. These modifications need to be arranged and cost-negotiated with Kora Kitchens.



  1. Appliance Installation:

    • Kora Kitchens does not install appliances. This is handled by our recommended supplier who will contact you directly.

    • Ensure appliances, sinks, and tapware fit correctly before cabinetry installation.

  2. Customer Responsibilities:

    • Ensure compliance with appliance manufacturers’ requirements and building codes.

    • Kora Kitchens is not liable for extra costs or damages from incorrect appliance installation.


Prime Cost Sums (PC Sums)

  1. Allowances and Costs:

    • PC sums are allowances for work or materials provided by contractors or suppliers managed by Kora Kitchens.

    • They are exclusive of profit markup or additional handling costs.

  2. Invoicing and Adjustments:

    • Payments are based on contractor quotations/invoices plus a 20% overhead cost. The contract sum will adjust according to actual costs versus the estimated PC sum.


Terms and Conditions of Trade

  1. Acceptance of Terms:

    • These Terms govern the supply of all products and services from Kora Kitchens to you.

    • Acceptance of a quote is deemed agreement to these Terms.

  2. Kitchen Design:

    • Drawings provided are visual representations. It’s your responsibility to verify that the ordered products are correct and suitable.

    • Ensure drawings comply with all relevant regulations and requirements.

  3. Kitchen Pricing and Payment Terms:

    • Quoted prices are valid for the stated term or until stock is sold out.

    • A 50% deposit plus GST secures your order and protects against price increases for 30 days.

    • Final payment is required before the products leave the warehouse.

    • Ownership transfers upon full payment and Kora Kitchens retains the right to reclaim unpaid goods.

  4. Order Modifications:

    • Changes to specifications or dimensions must be in writing (email) before processing.

  5. General Terms:

    • You cannot transfer your rights or obligations without our consent.

    • Non-enforcement of a term by us does not constitute a waiver of that term.

    • These Terms are governed by Australian law and any invalid term will be severed from the remaining Terms.

    • Definitions for “we”, “us”, “our” (Kora Kitchens), and “you” (customer) are provided, along with GST and intellectual property clarifications.
















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