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How Much Does a Kitchen Makeover Cost?


The cost of a kitchen renovation, much like any other renovation, can vary dramatically based on a number of different factors.


The size, types of finishes, existing and potential plumbing situation, lighting needs and prices of appliances open the door to many different budget scenarios. 


In saying this, it is always good to have a ballpark figure based on the three tiers that make up a kitchen design budget. Let’s discover what a ‘budget’, ‘mid-range’ and ‘luxury’ kitchen means in terms of cost, and what you should expect to achieve out of your investment.

Tier 1: The Budget Makeover
Starting at the lower end of the pricing scale, the budget makeover may range anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000, depending on the size and scale of the work involved. A small kitchen with basic cabinetry, laminate bench tops and economically priced appliances may fall within this price range. 


Tier 2: The Mid-Range Makeover
When it comes to a mid-range budget you may be looking at anywhere between $20,000 to $50,000. Surprisingly, even in this price range you need to consider the finishes, as the price of these mounts up. We always get what we pay for, but with a tailored eye you can mix and match finishes and still come out in front in the style stakes.

Tier 3: The Luxury Kitchen
High-end, luxe or luxury kitchens deserve their hefty price tags. With bespoke cabinetry, intelligent lighting, natural stone and real wood finishes, you can be looking at anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 plus for the ultimate luxury kitchen. 


How much does a Kora Kitchens makeover cost?

Kora Kitchens vision is to provide quality kitchens at affordable prices. 

Come in and see us, you're likely to be pleasantly surprised.

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